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Shimmying and skewed wheels

Shimmying and skewed swivel wheels are frequently mentioned by rollator users as being a definite problem area. When walking on uneven ground with a 4-wheeled rollator, sooner or later one of the swivel wheels loses contact with the ground, starts shimmying and regains its contact with the ground in a skewed position. As a result the rollator often comes to an abrupt stop, and there is a considerable risk of the user tripping or even falling over.

Trionic Syncro Steering – Patent Pending

The new Trionic Walker rollator is equipped with a synchronized steering feature that eliminates the problems with shimmying and skewed swivel wheels. By connecting the swivel wheels with each other through a pulley/timing belt arrangement, the two wheels steer in unison. If one swivel wheel suddenly loses contact with the ground, the other wheel will still keep it positioned in your desired walking direction.

An additional central pulley guarantees that you will enjoy the same type of steering that your car offers, called the “Ackermann Steering Geometry”. When you turn, the inner wheel is allowed to turn at a slightly sharper angle than the outer wheel.

Thanks to its clever design, the function of the Trionic Syncro Steering doesn’t get affected when you fold and unfold the rollator.

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