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Trionic Brake Lever - user-friendly with high quality feel

Trionic has developed a brand new and user-friendly brake lever. The all-aluminium brake lever offers you a solid and high quality feel. When activating the parking brake the parking trigger is easy to operate, and thanks to its design it offers multiple ways to activate it.

The aluminium lever has a Kraton rubber surface that prevents your fingers from getting cold from touching metal when you are walking in winter conditions.

Motion- and Parking Brake – optimal safety

The brakes of the Walker offer two functions, a motion- and a parking brake. While walking you brake like you do with a bicycle brake lever. Thanks to the hub brakes it’s easier to dose the amount of brake power when compared with conventional rollator brakes.

If you would like to rest for a while, you simply engage the parking brake before you sit down on the seat of the Walker.