Oct 14 2019

Living with Parkinson's

At the age of 7, Matt Eagles was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, but that has never stopped him from achieving his goals and living life to the full.

After undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation (DBS), Matt is now able to control his Parkinson's through an electric current that goes into his brain. 

"I've never at any point thought I've got Parkinson's so I can't do this." Matt Eagles. 

Matt inspires everyone he meets. This is Matt's story of living with Parkinson’s.

We at Trionic are happy to see that Matt is using the Veloped everyday now, benefitting from all the unique features.

I am so incredibly grateful to you guys and Charlotte and Russ at Parkinson’s Concierge for the Veloped. It was a complete surprise and I had absolutely no idea that my wife had been arranging with Charlotte and Russ that they would deliver it personally! I have to say ...for once I was speechless!! I could have cried!! 

Matt describes the benefits he is been seeing so far:

  • I use it every day , it has given me more confidence to go out and about when my walking isn’t so good when previously I would have stayed in.
  • It has helped my posture
  • I feel so proud walking with it, I actually feel like an athlete ready for the Olympics ( wish I was !! ) . Passers by stop me and ask about it!

I will get Viv to film me in Delamere forest with it as there are some great trails there , its only down the road. I am also testing it at Oulton Park during the British Superbike meeting where I shall go all over the circuit with it! I will also be wearing my 'Im not pissed ive got Parky’s t-shirt' The riders and the general public and I love it !! Thank you soooo much once again guys.

Forever in your debt

Matt Eagles, Head of Patient Engagement, Havas Lynx

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