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Veloped Trek 12er M navy/black/yellow


New lease of life

I am 84, and have a crooked spine as a result of a motor accident five years ago, which means that it is painful for me to hold myself upright. I had not been able to take my daily walk for the last few months, and I had been unable to stand and chat with people. Since not walking, I have felt weaker in myself.
I have had my Veloped for a week, and find it enables me to walk upright and quite quickly. It copes well with my gravel drive, rough grass and the bumpy country lane where I live. If I meet a friend, it supports me while I stand and chat.
I live in such a windy place that any garden benches I placed in nice places to sit were blown away, and had to be put under shelter. I can now walk to my pond and sit and watch the wild life with my Veloped.
I am looking forward to discovering more things that have become possible for me again, such as going to exhibitions, to markets and so on.
I am very grateful to have found such a well-designed walking aid which is so much more than that.

Eileen Groser