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Veloped Sport 12er M navy/red/white


The Out Door Champion.

I have tried locally available walkers and found them ok on flat, level and smooth surfaces any cracks or bumps they, like super market trollies in the car parks, go their own way.
I went to the internet and googled "All Terrain Walkers" and up came the Veloped in far away Sweden. From the time I made my initial enquiry to receiving my Veloped was one week, distance and language not a problem . Thank you Stefan. Less trouble than going to the corner store.
The Veloped is not for doing the rounds of the kitchen table, I wanted a walker that would allow me to negotiate a steep driveway, very soft and spongy grassed areas with the occasional out crop of sandstone rocks, the Veloped does all this.
It has hub brakes that really work, giving more confidence and better control on the downhill, on the uphill lock them and take a seat, they will not let you down. I am sure that the Veloped will do all that the many Youtube clips demonstrate.
I am 91 (YOB 1923) and not quite as nimble as some of the demonstrators, but I am getting to places that were impossible pre Veloped.
I recommend the Veloped as an outdoor walker to all who are beginning to feel the hills are getting a little steeper.
Jack Ray
Cheltenham NSW Australia

Jack Ray