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Veloped Sport 12er M navy/red/white


The Veloped Has Changed My Life - Yippee!

My bicycle accident, four years ago, left me with such poor balance, that I struggled to walk with a stick. In fact, I found myself very reluctant to walk even short distances. There is the standard red rollator, something many elderly people have, but I wanted something better looking and needed something more practical. The life-changing Veloped has done all of that. The day after it arrived, I walked one mile! Incredible! I don't even have to search pavements for the dropped kerb. My Veloped overcomes normal kerbs with its cleverly-designed twin front wheels. If it rains, there is even a cover for it. It is an absolute dream and I feel very proud to walk with it and to be seen with it. I must say, "Well done and Congratulations!" to Stefan Kindberg for the smart design, coupled with the amount of detail, care and thoughtfulness he put into creating it.

Heather Kesby